I’ve gotten a few people posting comments on the “register” page that are mostly general questions. This prompted me to add an “Ask Bill” page to provide a more appropriate place for you to ask me questions.

If you have a question about a certain library or project of mine, I’d rather you ask the question in the comments of the related post. If it’s a general advice question, I’d rather you use a public forum like Society Of Robots or the EEWeb Forum

Otherwise, feel free to drop any questions on the comments here. You do have to provide an email address, but this is only to fight spam. I can’t promise speedy replies though.




Use the comments on those pages to ask questions about specific libraries and projects.

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    • NicolaNo Gravatar says:

      Hello, i have a problem with the mp3 player shield.
      I solder to it the header strip and connect it to the arduino duemilanove. I send midi note to jack cable but i dont hear everything, but when i touch with only finger(not with plastic or other material) pin to bottom arduino, i hear sound midi, why i have this problem????

    • AveryNo Gravatar says:

      i am trying to use your PlayStation 2 library and i can’t get it to work. i think my pins on the controller are different.



    • aciqNo Gravatar says:

      hello Bill, i have downloaded your PS2X lib. but when i just verify yours PS2X example, it seems that an error occur ” ‘class PS2X’ has no member named ‘Button’ “. Why this happened? I will appreciate if you can help me about this.

      In addition, can you help me by giving diagram or wiring connection to connect my Rx PS2 with arduino pins.

      please help me.. and sorry i’m bad in English.

    • AllenNo Gravatar says:

      Hi, Bill

      Your library is very easy to use. Thanks. However, I am having trouble right now. I can’t stack the MP3 shield directly on my Arduino UNO, because in my project I need the Pin 12 and 13 to control other modules. In your code, did you set Pin 12 and 13 to send/receive commands to play songs? Is there any way I can re-assign the pins such that I can use other pins (ex. Pin 1 and 2) to communicate with Arduino board?

      Thank you very much for the help. I will appreciate it!


      I am using Arduino 1.0
      The libraries i am using: SPI, SdFat, SdfatUtil, SFEMP3Shield

      • BillNo Gravatar says:

        Pins 10 through 13 are the hardware SPI port. If you are using anything that requires SPI, you must connect them to those pins. The MP3 shield requires SPI.

        If the other device you are using is also SPI, you can share the SPI port with multiple devices, but it requires you to handle data carefully. As you see on the library page (you should be asking this question there), there are functions to ‘turn off’ the communications to the MP3 Shield for a short while so you can use the SPI port for another device.

    • Ashley SmithNo Gravatar says:


      i’m running an arduino mega in an RC drift car… i’m in the process of designing my own RC car with a 2/3 speed gear box, the gear box is operated via a servo… what i want to do is control the gearbox/servo with the R1 and L1 buttons, but i’m not too sure how to do this… can you help?

    • DanielNo Gravatar says:

      Hy Bill!I was studying these days your project Not-so-Tiny Power Metter,witch I like very much,and I am going to build it for my self.I want to ask you,if you can send me the HEX file of the source code,cause I am a beginner in programming and I don’t have the knowledge to write and extract such files needed.Thank you

    • RonNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Bill – Nice project but the zip files could not be opened. Cadence viewer reported the .brd file as corrupted.
      The sch file could not be opened by designspark which normally opens eagle files as well.



    • AlexNo Gravatar says:

      Hello, I’m working on an autonomous rc vehicle using 2 dc motors, an h-bridge, arduino uno, and a locosys ls20031 gps receiver. I’m having trouble interfacing the gps with the arduino, I think it’s something in the code. GPS puts out 57600bps, i believe at 5Hz. I can test the GPS alone on serial monitor and see incoming nmea lines but I can’t get vehicle to drive to destination I tell it. GPS red light blinks at 1hz but car won’t budge on street. GPS runs on 3.3v and pulls 41ma, i have it powered by 3.3v arduino pin which rated for 50mA. DC drive/steer motors run off hbridge w their own battery. Any ideas? I really need help, not too good at coding.

      • RonNo Gravatar says:

        GPS red light blinks at 1hz but car won’t budge..
        No expert, but, if the GPS is communicating then it’s possible the transmission is getting through, but the transistors are not turning on.

        Perhaps test if the transistor bases/FET gates(whatever you are using) are being activated – use say red/green leds instead of the motor to test that forward(red) and reverse(green) signals are getting to the transistors.

        You might need a smaller transistor better suited to the load. I suspect they are not turning on at all or only partially.

        Here is an Arduino post that might also help

        Good luck.

      • BillNo Gravatar says:

        Alex, there could be a dozen reasons and you haven’t given me all the information to even begin to help. I think this is better suited to be asked in Arduino Forums or http://www.societyofrobots.com forums.

    • aciqNo Gravatar says:

      tq Bill…i’m doing good with my project..

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