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There is advancement. As I have been sequezing in time on this between the holiday and family. I have made some notes on http://www.billporter.info/forum/topic/bugs-and-feature-fixes/

Just stuck on the bit rate not appearing constant. I can get it to read most all registers with repeatable response.  Where the bit rate is the only value that does not all ways report back the same.

I believe the VS10xx is always changing the bit rate to match compression, sampling and clocking. There are many hints of this in the data sheets and on their forum. Where I also believe at the moment the report value is not cleared between songs and that is also averaged in.

Note sure if BR is really worth it.

was also just trying to add test sine wave and some low hanging fruit. And may then circle back to combo it with Ethernet Shield.

You all are welcome to try and provide feed back of https://github.com/mpflaga/Sparkfun-MP3-Player-Shield-Arduino-Library.git before it gets pulled into Bill’s main branch.