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I have completed an extensive enhancing of the Arduino SFEMP3Shield library and have pushed it up to both Bill’s and my repositories. Labeling it Release 1.0.0

This new release contains several gremlins and newly requested features. Along with support of different hardware by means of refilling either by timers or interrupts. Finally Bit Rate is now read directly from the VS1053 itself. Notice you can actually increase the play speed and turn on Head Phone Spatial effects.

[1-9] to play a track

[s] to stop playing

[+ or -] to change volume

[> or <] to increment or decrement play speed by 1 factor

[i] retrieve current audio information (partial list)

[e] increment Spatial EarSpeaker, default is 0, wraps after 4

[p] to pause.

[r] to resume.

[r] Resets and initializes VS10xx chip.

[t] to toggle sine wave test

[m] perform memory test. reset is needed after to recover.

[h] this help


Most notable effort was in creating supporting documentation and trouble shooting. Many of the questions asked on the forums where directly exampled in the new menu features. Along with a printing of the SdCard’s directory listing.


Extensive support can be found at GitHub project page along with trouble shooting of common problems. As the code has been written with plenty of insightful comments, describing key components, features and reasoning’s in Doxygen markdown style as to directly auto generate html supporting documentation. Which can be found at GitHub project page . Please read through this document and referring linked resources. As it contains additional resources.