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I have fixed this in 1.0.2, released moments ago.

My bad. The usage of the byterate from the VSdsp broke this feature. Not sure how well it ran before.

I have fixed it and tested it. Along with putting in a Demo command.

Note that the codes’ serial input process’s each char, as a whole menu command. This preclude strings, hence the selected offset is hard coded in the example INO. Easy enough to change.

Warning there is an issue about running past the file’s end. somehow the volume and or track is not able to close correctly.

Also note that the requested milliseconds is a multiplied by the byte-rate to calculate the desired location. Where the byte-rate is the average, the VSdsp is playing. Hence it jitters a few tens of milliseconds. Should be close enough.

This helps with Variable rate as it is the average. Noting the VSdsp jitters for even constant bit rate.