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I believe the problem code that needs editing are in the vs_init() there are some Mp3ReadRegister() that check the initial status of the Vdsp. Which can be commented out. Additionally I see the flush_cancel() also reads. This is called at a STOP or End of File. comment it out in the refill(). However, you can then only play the same type of files. As it won’t start new file type hunting.(but likely not an issue)

Where the rest of the Mp3ReadRegister are in functions that can simply not be called. This will be most all of the GET… and SET… along with the RESUME and SKIP functions.

Where playing or simply sending a stream as you earlier observe will work disregarding the MISO.

Alternately, one chip select to both 74HC595 and 74hc164 will provide you some INPUT and OUTPUT. a good cost ratio of one pin for 2*8

Also there are GPIO on the VS1053. I have not added calls to these. And would be simple enough to add. I saw AdaFruit’s recent VS1053 library have such for there breakout.