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OK I can report some progress on my problem.

I upgraded from Arduino 1.0.1 to version 1.0.3. (manual download from Arduino website).

Now with v1.0.3. the “MP3Shield_Library_Demo.ino” compiles error free!!!! Wohooh!!!

The other simple program (example code from : http://www.billporter.info/2012/01/28/sparkfun-mp3-shield-arduino-library/) still gives a compilation error:

SFEMP3Shield/SFEMP3Shield.cpp.o: In function `SFEMP3Shield::begin()’:
/home/michiel/sketchbook/libraries/SFEMP3Shield/SFEMP3Shield.cpp:100: undefined reference to `sd’

So still is a question why the Arduino IDE version 1.0.1 gives me all the problems. Also, how to solve the above compilation error?

Work in progress. If somebody knows please let me know.