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I have updated the above mentioned quick example. As it was typical of prior to 1.2.0

The __brkval and __malloc_heap_start errors are from the avr-gcc 4.7 as I had found that SdFat Lib has issues (and found a fix by tweaking SdFat).

I was not pointing out that a windows solution would help. Where as I found on that web page Andy Brown documents and provides updated Arduino Core Library fixes (near the bottome) that are needed to make avr-gcc 4.7 work.

I note that stock Arduino IDE comes with avr-gcc 4.3 for both 1.0.1 and 1.0.3 (infact all of them) and not 4.7. So installing 1.0.3 simply put the 4.3 back into play. I am not sure how the Linux distro of Arduino places and uses the avr-gcc. So I can not make much comment there, except to say prior to re-installing Arduino IDE you were compiling with an un-supported avr-gcc.

I am glad it is working.