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Arduino Mega2560/MP3 VS1053 breakout

I have had exactly the same symptoms of slow playing when using the sketch, and like the previous user, editing out the “if(MP3Mode !=” etc    in the shield.cpp file in library made mine also apparently work fine when using the “file player” sketch example.

The sine wave test also seems to work even when getting the error 4 so it looks like Arduino is communicating

The crystal on breakout board is marked 12.288 so it seems clock frequency is correct

I note that a “memory test” result shows a value of; 807f whereas next line says value should be; 0x83ff.


Is this significant, does it give a clue to the reason we don’t get the correct 0x4800 response causing the error 4 code.

Like the previous user, my system seems to work ok with this test sketch (with line edited out), but, I am having problems in my actual application where selecting a track most times works, but sometimes it results in a re-occurrence  of slow playing followed by a complete lock up requiring a reset or power removal/re application. I have changed all parts to verify it is not a hardware issue and the fact it basically works says that the fundamental connections are OK and I am using level shifters on all data lines.

Why would a VS1053 play, but at around half speed on some occasions (maybe 1 in a 100 selctions) and then fail to respond to further commands without a reset.

Can anyone throw light on why the original test sketch requires editing to overcome the error 4, could this also be the root cause of my intermittent slow play/lock up in my application when using SFEMP3Shield even though it seems to work on test sketch using serial monitor for command.

All I am doing is selecting SD card MP3 tracks from a keypad to play, and displaying related SD card MP3 data on 2004 I2C LCD display

Thanks for any help/suggestions, I have run out of ideas.