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Ok, it starts and get most of the way. or at least a big chunk. I suspect your UNO has some bad flash sector near the end. Or possibly a power issue. The key point is that it is starting then becoming not responsive. Try it on another PC, or use a powered HUB, or with the +12Vdc connected. Or try another Uno.

I have on a few occasions worn out my Flash, I test nearly every line of code and that means re-flashing the chip a huge amount. The Flash program memory only can be flashed 10,000 times. That sounds like a lot. But when I get going I flash it nearly 100 times a night for months on end and such have had some just die at some points of the flashing.

That usually yields a verify error. Here it is just loosing sync. So it may be a power issue over time or a bad version of bootloader.

hard to tell.