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I got good news and bad news;

I went and got an UNO and SFEMP3 shield over lunch. So the good news is that it worked for me, from a fresh pull of the repo. It compiled, loaded, verified, ran. The menu’s worked and even played a file. I am using WIN7, Arduino IDE 1.6.7 and it compiled FilePlayer.ino using SdFatLib 20131225

Bad news is that I don’t know why yours is failing. I suspect it is not to do with the code itself. And still suspect some bad program space. I see the MP3Shield_Library_Demo.ino has a image size of 28164 bytes and the FilePlayer.ino has a size of 30016 bytes, some 1800 bytes larger. Or power on the Uno, perhaps there is local power issue with the supply to the 16U2. However, as you have not stated the COM port is not disappearing, then that is unlikely. So more likely an issue with the 328 itself. Either bootloader or power or bad flash.