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This is a quick note to let you know that I have tested the sparkfun shield with your library with hearphones – it works, and I am very grateful for your work.


However I thought I’d let you know that

– the 115200 baud rate that you suggest by default doesn’t work with the Arduino Uno rev3. At 115200 bauds, I had only funky characters in my console, and no sound after pressing “1”. I changed it to 9600 bauds, as I learnt for Serial connection tutorials with the Uno rev3, and it worked. Some questions :

does this lower baud rate degrades the sound quality ?

will it make the process slower, ie give less time between interrupts to perform other tasks in the loop() function ? (not sure I am phrasing this right)

can I make my Uno talk to my computer at 115200 bauds ?

– despite the warning on sparkfun page (not your page), a 128kbps mp3 can be played, although with a poor sound quality.


Now I’m off for some soldering and testing the speaker.


I am currently using your 1.00.02 example ino. When I’m cool with the hardware I”ll update my library.


Thanks again