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Ask your self why is it not refilling on its own.

Because the Refill() is not getting executed. What executes the refill(). It is executed once after any command. Hence it plays when sending Volume or constantly holding a button, which is sending a command. But more importantly the refill() is executed when the DREQ is asserted indicating more is needed. Typically the DREQ is connected to an INT pin and its ISR calls the refill(). Or it is polled when configured with USE_MP3_REFILL_MEANS = USE_MP3_Polled.

Either way the refill is not getting automatically done. Likely your INT pin is not what you think it is on the 1284p. The pins_arduino.h is a bit difficult to read and there should be a \variants directory in your hardware directory

I often just make quick sketch for each INT and poke them as to see what is what for new boards.