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I have tested this some more and it appears to be working fine with Bill’s fix – re-enabling the interrupts during the refill routine.

Now the only remaining problem is with the poor accuracy of the Uno’s clock. Mine loses about 2 sec/hr. I have a Leonardo, which has a genuine crystal oscillator rather than the Uno’s ceramic resonator and appears to be much more accurate.

Off-topic, but to get the Leo to work with the Sparkfun MP3 Shield, should I solder 3 jumpers D11 – ICSP4, D12 – ICSP1, and D13 – ICSP3 and no cuts on the Leo board, or is there a better way to do this rewiring?

I can imagine there might be trouble (smoke?) if pins 11,12, or 13 were configured as outputs with these jumpers in place.

Thanks again for your help!