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Could you explain your motive, to provide insight?

Note the SPI pins MISO, MOSI and SCK are hardware wired to these pins on the Arduino/ATmega328. So they are not movable in software or configuration. And are shared on the SFEMP3Shield by both the VS1053 and SdCard. If you want to either of these pins to a different position on the Shield connection, you can use the method displayed in this video; Hot Wire D5 and D7 pins on the SFEMP3Shield it will work just the same.

Where I am stumped as to why you would want to move them on the SdCard, as the Shields are lined up correctly to begin with, unless you are using a break out. Which then should connect directly to original hard SPI pins.

Also note that the on the UNO, Duemilanove pins 10,11 and 12 are tied to the ICS connectors pins. And the Leonardo no longer has the SPI pins on 10-12.