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Hi Michael

The VS 1053, Arduino Uno and library copes quite admirably at 192kbps and even 320kbps, stopping is only this problem that I have seen.  Using USE_MP3_INTx has helped but it still stops about every 10 minutes or so, but now there is much less processor hanging.

DisplayTrackName interrogates the VS1053 to get the MP3 title tag, so other than pausing the data stream for a short while, I think it is kind to SdFatLib.

My sticky plaster involves checking the ms track time using  MP3player.currentPosition() at 3  time intervals.  If the results are all the same then I know it has stopped and I advance to the next track.  It seems to work.

In-fact, the stopping tends to happen mainly at the end of tracks when moving on to the next.  I don’t know if this has something to do with flushing VS1053 buffers, perhaps too early or perhaps it forgets to ask for more data or the last file chunk?

Thanks for you help