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Hi Michael

Yes it does indeed seem that the file ends but the state indicates it is still playing.

I soak tested all last night with my sticky plaster workaround and it played all last night (no hangs) but had to force track advancement 50 times.  I would calculate that this is approximately 25% of the track advancements needing a bit of help.

It seems even with overhead that 2Mb/s is sufficient for the 320kb/s MP3 bit rate, but I do appreciate your concern at higher bit rates.  The only time I do any file access in the sketch is in-between songs when I am either selecting the next or previous track, I don’t make any file calls during playback but I do of course make calls to the VS1053 registers (I try to keep this to a minimum).

Based on what you’ve said, to I need to use MP3player.pauseDataStream() and MP3player.resumeDataStream() for the commands




or is this included in the macro?

Many thanks