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The problem that I have with suppliers like the “Shifty VU Shield” is that they don’t share their design files, not even the schematic. So you don’t know what you are buying. Where the best I can find is a flicker picture of the blank PCB.

That said I see from it and the example code the only thing needed are the analogread()’s of pin A2 and A3 for the left and right channels. If you invoke any of the other PIN commands or WriteLEDArray(); functions in the example such as will interfere with SFEMP3Shield library.

float adc1avg = 0;
float adc2avg = 0;
 void loop() {

  adc1avg = adc1avg * 0.95 + analogRead(2) * 0.05;
  adc2avg = adc2avg * 0.95 + analogRead(3) * 0.05;