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I see what you mean, Michael. However, according to the guy who created the shield, there should be no reason why they aren’t working together as according to the code I sent him.

This implies a hardware issue:
On the Mp3 player shield, I have pin 7 bent out, and I have a jumper
going from pin 7 to pin 5 because in the library for the MP3 Player Shield, I
changed one of the pins from 7 to 5 (because pin 7 is reset on the
Arduino BT), like you suggested that I do a while back. Without this jumper connection from 7 to 5, the sound
will not play.

Do you think its possible that the Shifty VU shield is
somehow blocking this connection from happening? I am doing the jumper
from 7 to 5 now on the Shifty VU shield which is stacked on top of the
Mp3 Player Shield. Does it not work this way? Could this be my problem
you think?