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Please note the isPlay() does not reflect the complete status. It only indicates if a file is supposed to be playing at the moment. It does not reflect if it is paused. Playing another file while paused, still indicates a positive for isPlaying(). Hence this can not be used for un-pausing, the way you want.

I have added new function getState(), see the example ‘p’ command at My current GitHub Fork/Branch . I have changed the ‘p’ command to now toggle pause on and off. It shows how to use the getState() command. This should be representative of what your are attempting.

Your observation that playTrack (1); called after pauseDataStream(), actually un-paused the play, was not the desired effect. This is corrected. It will now require a stop.

Also please note that this version requires the Sd.Begin in the main INO and there are some typo corrections of Get vs get / Set vs set… of some function names. All are shown in the example.

Have fun.