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I have been thinking about attempting just such. Noting that IRremote and SFEMP3Shield both use interrupts. Hence, I expected a conflict between them, resulting in corrupted received IR values, but not necessarily a lock up. The SFEMP3Shield’s default setup of using INT0 is not very real time efficient as it reads the SdCard while in the service of INT0. During which the IRremote’s Timer1 interrupt is blocked.

As a possible work a round by changing the SFEMP3ShieldConfig.h of




along with placing


in the main loop. This would preclude the interrupt conflict and believe it should work. Where it may have the draw back of having short pauses of the playing audio, when receiving a IR command. If this happens leave off the IRremote DEBUG, to help and limit any blocking activities in the loop(). Serial Prints may also delay.

Let us know how it works or has problems.