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Two questions:  should the RX pin (pin2) be connected to 3.3V on the elecfreaks module?  According to the VS1053b datasheet this pin should be connected to IOVDD / 3.3v if not used.  On the shield it is connected to an interrupt pin, pin 2.

Secondly, in theory could the DREQ pin be connected to an interrupt pin if it was connected to the Arduino via jumper or breadboard?  I am curious if the analog pin could be abandoned and an interrupt pin be used to drive the DREQ line.

One more thing on elecfreak’s forum – it has come to my attention that a 1M resistor is missing, R4, which is directly below the crystal.  It’s the only pad not populated below the crystal.  image can be provided if needed.  I noted a ‘floating logic’ problem receiving commands.  When I touch pins 1 and 2 then the serial data / commands display in serial monitor.  I have a feeling this may be the reason why it behaves this way.  I’m going to solder a 1M resistor in today and will get back with my results.

Last tip – if the SD card cannot be accessed, add this line after including libraries…

#define SD_SEL  10