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What happens when you issue the ‘t’ Generate Test Sine wave command?

You symptoms are strange. Please, Confirm you have not modified any of the code? (for these initial tests)

What main Board are you using?

What VS1053 Shield and what SdCard Shield (if not same)?

You have evidence of both the SdCard and VS1053 working and yet failing. As you got past the initial check for and initializing of the VS1053, yet you fail to completely read files from the SdCard (the patch) and lock up playing (not no file found). I suspect there is a some conflicts on the SPI. Likely a Chip Select is floating and intermittently/parasiticly enabling causing the problems.

Nearly all cases that I have encountered with such partial working have sourced from SPI collisions. I might guess that your SdCard’s Chipselect is not properly asserting.