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The VS1053 has no non-volatile memory for you to alter. So it was nothing you did via software. The Error 4 and MemTest = 0x0 indicates a chip failure or at least a failure to communicate with the chip. I would also expect this to manifest in the Midi, but it may not be testing the CHIP’s ID. The Error code 4 is additionally in the library returning the begin() function before it can complete initializing the VS1053. Since it is not recognizing the CHIP. So other items may not work, properly. It appears it will basically will work with load volume.

I am not clear on the sequence of events. Is it playing but also issuing the errors? or was it that it was playing and now it is not, and issuing the errors, after the supposed MIDI experience?

Does the MIDI still work?

In the SFEMP3Shield::vs_init()  function un-comment the debug prints. (may need to fix them) and then what is the MP3mode register? It should be  0x4800. I suspect it is 0x0 like the Mem test. Which in turn would indicate you are not talking to the chip.

You can comment out the test checks of “if(MP3Mode != (SM_LINE1 | SM_SDINEW)) return 4;” and “if(MP3Clock != 0x6000) return 5;”  in the vs_init() and see what happens.

issuing the “i” command should result in the following:

Received command: i

Enter 1-9,f,F,s,d,+,-,i,>,<,p,r,R,t,m,M,g,k,h,O,o,D,S,V :