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I am also having problems using the MP3 Shield right from the box. I’m finally getting audio but I’m having problems with it.

The project is this: I am using an Arduino and the SparkFun MP3 Shield connected to 9 buttons that will sit underneath and be triggered by the keys of the toy piano.

FYI, I downloaded the code from the SparkFun tutorial. I’m a novice and wrote no original code.
I have been monitoring the audio via ear buds. I believe that my connections and my files on the SD card are all good. I receive no error messages when I verified the program on the Arduino software. Everything is grounded properly with 10k ohm resistors, I checked those readings on the voltage tester. But when I press the buttons I hear the audio in quick, choppy snippets.
Now my questions are: I have 6 analog inputs, are there other connection points that will allow for 3 more inputs/buttons?
I can get my audio to play poorly (quick, choppy snippets) once but I have to press the reset button on the mp3 shield in order to be able to trigger them again. Ideally the shield will be enclosed in the sealed piano so the reset button will not be accessible to the player. Is there any way I can trigger the files without having to reset the shield? Or do I connect a reset button to another connection point (Is this what MP3-RST stands for?)
On this page:
I found this in the troubleshooting area.
Why do I only hear1 second of music, or less?
This symptom is typical of the interrupt not triggering the SFEMP3Shield::refill(). I bet repeatidly sendnig a track number will advance the play about one second at a time, then stop.
What board is it? Check Hardware Limitations. about Interrupts.
Are you trying the SFE provided test files ? Or some homemade mp3 files? The SFE test files are nice as they are Immediately LOUD.
Interrupt problems may cause mp3 files that have a quiet lead in (or ramp up of volume) to be falsely diagnosed as not playing at all. Where the first 1 second may not be loud enough to be heard.

I’m trying to check this out but I’m having a hard time understanding how to use the SFEMP3Shield.
I’m going to read it and re-read it until it makes sense to me.
Thanks again for any insight you can provide.

Images can be found here: