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The “Error code: 6” warning is just indicating that a particular file that is uploaded to the VS1053 as a patch is not found on the SdCard. Hence the print that it is a Warning. Should only be needed to fix some intermittent issues that are not repeatable, and some sound file types not used here.

The “+”, “-” and “i” causing a resume of play is a recently fixed issue in the recent releases, which caused refill() to occur after resumes. It is strange in that this symptom contradicts the observation that repeated track numbers don’t resume.

The symptom of playing just 1 second, at its most basic cause is that the initial refill() is executed but subsequent refill()’s are not autonomously issued. The investigation becomes; “Why does subsequent refill()’s do not occur?”

  1. Is the DREQ not occurring properly?
  2. Is the INT1 not occurring properly?

In the default SFEMP3ShieldConfig.h the library is configured for DREQ of the VS1053 to trigger INT1 pin of the ATmega328 to service an interrupt which then calls refill(). This appearently is not happening. The SFEMP3ShieldConfig.h initial value of USE_MP3_REFILL_MEANS can be changed from USE_MP3_INTx to USE_MP3_Polled as to exclude the Interrupt function.

Additionally there are the following self tests, which do not require streaming data from the SdCard.

[t] to toggle sine wave test

[m] perform memory test. reset is needed after to recover.

These diagnostics would help validate the VS1053 itself versus its interface and or the R3.