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If the above is true, I can see if I can consolidate the attachments to my slave controller. Then, I can have my mega be the master and talk to the slave uno.

I tried to have the tx/rx on the uno talk to the tx1/rx1 on the mega while still using the example code. To do this, I updated to “Serial1” in the code on the mega, as below:

void setup(){
//start the library, pass in the data details and the name of the serial port. Can be Serial, Serial1, Serial2, etc.
ETin.begin(details(rxdata), &Serial1);
ETout.begin(details(txdata), &Serial1);
However, there was no communication when I did this. There wasn’t with Serial 2 or Serial 3 either. Am I missing something? Can Serial1 on the mega not talk to Serial on the uno?