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Are you running the MP3 library as INT or polled?

I interpret your above to say spinning the dial works when playing back. But when idle (not playing back) and you spin the dial it locks up. Not sure how that relates to the MP3 and its interrupt.

Is it that you are spinning it (this works as expected) and while it is spinning the track finishes and then it locks up.

Need to add prints to debug where it was last as it locked up.

It sounds like it should be the same as sending from the Serial Monitor “1+++++++++++++++++++”…

Which all get queued up so it plays 1 and then processes the +’s.

The getState and its under the hood resources  was added to help prevent refills from occurring when not playing after each of the commands, such as setVolume. It may be somehow the refill is still being enabled when there is no file open. Or the interrupt of the dial is interrupting the refill or sending of the command to the MP3.

Not sure this is a very specific issue. Not sure if it is the MP3 library at fault.