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gallegojm, I’m having problems getting things to work properly. Have I forgotten some configuration setting?

I’m using the Sparkfun MP3 shield with the Due only, no Ethernet shield. I have modified SFEMP3ShieldConfig.h to set MP3_XCS to 10 under #ifdef __arm__

I have bent pin 6 of the Sparkfun card and used a jumper lead to connect pin 6 of the Sparkfun card to pin 10 of the Sparkfun (i.e. pin 10 of the Due).

The problem is that pin 10 never seems to go low. It is always high.

As a result, SFEMP3Shield::vs_init() fails and returns 4. This is because Mp3ReadRegister(SCI_MODE) returns 0xFFFF.

In SFEMP3Shield::Mp3ReadRegister() I paused the program just after the line spiTransfer(0x03). Using my voltmeter I can see that the MP3_XCS pin (i.e. pin 10 in my case) is 3.3V, i.e. high. It ought to be low. The same thing happens if I set MP3_XCS to 4 in the config file. Pin 4 always stays high.

However, if I set MP3_XCS to another pin such as 50, then that pin goes low.

Any ideas?