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I am trying to remember all errors I made before putting it to work…
1- did you bent pins 10, 11, 12 of the Sparkfun shield and redirect them to SPI connector of Due ?
2- did you test the SD card alone, running the sketch SdInfo (example of SdFat library) after modifying it with your new CS=10 ?
3- did you use SFEMP3Shieldlibrary fork for Due of Bill or mine ?

About your test of CS high or low with voltmeter:
SPI library set the CS low, make the transfer, and then set it back to high automatically. (That is precisely one of the advantage of the “extended” library). So if you want to read that voltage, you have to halt the program inside the SPI library, not after calling spiTransfer(0x03)( unless you use SPI_CONTINUE parameter, but not shure)
Hope this would help. keep me informed.