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Thanks for your reply.

1- No, not pins 10 to 12, but pins 11 to 13 of the Sparkfun shield are bent and connected to the Due’s SPI. (Trick question, eh? 😉 )

2- Yes, SD card works fine.

3- I originally tried Bill’s branch and after some time realised that it is only partially complete. I have been trying yours lately and the current problems are when using yours.

Yes, I understand the low to high bit about SPI transfer. I pause the program straight after the call spiTransfer(0x03). You edited spiTransfer() so that it calls SPI.transfer( MP3_XCS, value, SPI_CONTINUE ). This means that CS should be low after the transfer. It should only go high after the line, spiLastTransfer(0xFF).

The only obvious difference between my and your setups is that you cut a track on the Sparkfun shield for pin 4 which is normally connected to GPIO1. I’m not using pin 4 so I can’t see that being an issue.