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Oops, of course you are right about pins 11 to 13.
I do not think GPIO1 can be an issue.

Its occurs to me others basic questions:
1- did you copy to the SD card root the patches files? SFEMP3Shield need at least file patches.053 to initialize.
2- what version of SdFat library did you use? There is one included in SFEMP3Shield repository on GitHub but I use the last (?) version updated for Due. That is sdfatlib20130629.zip . Would be fine we both use the same
3- in SdFatConfig.h near line 50, be sure to have #define USE_ARDUINO_SPI_LIBRARY 1 (instead of 0)

After that what you can do is uncomment lines 230 to 241 from SFEMP3Shield.ccp so that you would get more debugging info when vs_init () is called by begin(). And run sketch MP3Shield_Library_Demo.ino
Keep me informed.