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After I download the files of your branch for Due, I rename the subdirectory that contain my modified files of SFEMP3Shield
So I have:
SFEMP3Shield_mine      <- my version
SFEMP3Shield                 <- yours

And it seems to work
Trying to make modifications in your files I realise there where something wrong, as my modifications where not taken in account by the IDE.
It took me a while to understand that in case of multiple files with the same name, the IDE use the first occurrence of them, no the ones in the directory witch name coincide with the correct name of the library.

So I have to move the subdirectory “SFEMP3Shield_mine” to an other place.

This correct my beginner’s mistake, and I can really test your branch for Due.

In your file SFEMP3ShieldConfig.h , line 159 I have to replace
#if defined(__ARM__)
#if defined(__arm__)