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Thanks for your help! So you hit the nail on the head with the problem.  I started this project last summer and had not realized that the library had updated.  I updated the library and I no longer have the error.  However, I now have this one.

SFEMP3Shield/SFEMP3Shield.cpp.o: In function `SFEMP3Shield::begin()’:

/Users/sqeekypotato/Documents/Arduino/libraries/SFEMP3Shield/SFEMP3Shield.cpp:99: undefined reference to `sd’

This sketch was working (and is currently running on my Arduino with the old library)

I’ve made sure that I have the most recent SD library in case that was the problem and it didn’t fix it.  I also tried compiling sketches that I had installed on my Arduino successfully before updating the library and I am getting the same error.  The thought just occurred to me, when I started working on this project, following the instructions on Bill Porter’s website, I changed a setting in a header file (I can’t remember what file or what I did off the top of my head).  Is this still required?  Would this be screwing it up?

Any suggestions?  Thanks again for the help