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Many thanks for your detailed reply Michael. You have clarified some things and I think I can now see the problem.

As you say, the access to the SD card is 32bits (2G) and I could not understand why this was imposing a 64k limit (16 bit) limit on jumps. But I think the problem is in the maths.

track.seekSet(((timecode * Mp3ReadWRAM(para_byteRate))/1000) + start_of_music)

I am not a C expert but is it possible that timecode * Mp3ReadWRAM(para_byteRate) is causing an overflow in the intermediate calculation i.e. before the division by 1000?  When I display the calculated values that is what appears to be happening.

I have now changed the arithmetic to remove the divide by 1000. I supply a jump defined in seconds not milliseconds and I can now jump to the middle of the file and no longer seem to be limited to 1 minute jumps.