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I’m no expert at Arduino or electronics by any means, but I know this thing should be lighting up when I apply a voltage to it, even if only a flicker. Maybe the LED is broken and the chip isn’t. I don’t know. Right now even before I load the file, just giving power to the shield and Arduino, I am hearing what sounds like “cellphone interference.” Its the high pitched, almost AOL start up sound, pretty faint, but audible. Sounds exactly like interference. What does this mean? I know soldering will make the whole design more stable and everything, but I highly doubt it is absolutely required just to give the thing power. I mean, like i said, the LED should at least flicker. I used the voltmeter at various points and the shield is definitely getting power to the Vin PIN and the 5V PIN. However, the 3.3V PIN is one of the ones that are hanging off to the side because Arduino only has 4 pins for the 6 pin header that attaches that shield to the Arduino. I don’t think this is a problem, but just to be sure, I tried to independently power the shield (by itself) using every combination possible: Vin, 5v, and 3.3V, along with the 2 ground pins.