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Okay, I used the test files you sent me and the first track is the only thing on the entire SD card. Also, I didn’t bend the headers’ PIN 7, instead I just shifted everything to the left by one. Now, the header has one pin just shooting down the outside of the MP3 player shield to the left of PIN 0. As a result, the 8 pin header is only matching with 7 pins: PIN 0-6.  That way PIN 7 is left alone. Will this achieve the same result? (yes, I have the Italian Arduino BT)

Also, I am not sure what you mean about “Then on the MP3 Player Shield using a jump wire, jump D5 to D7 on the Shield. This then routes the XDCS signal from the base Arduino’s D5 back into the MP3 Player Shield’s XDCS input.” It seems like the problem lies not in the software, as I think that is all set up correctly. Perhaps I just didn’t set up the hardware correctly. All I have done as far as hardware is connect the MP3 Player Shield to the Arduino BT using two 6 Pin headers and two 8 Pin headers. And like I said above, due to your advice, I shifted the header 1 to the left so that it no longer correponds to Pins 0-7, but only to include Pins 0-6, leaving 7 alone and 1 header pin pole outside of the MP3 Player Shield hanging to the left of PIN 0. Aside from that, I just have the 5 volts and GND coming from the breadboard into the spots on the Mp3 Player shield into the headers. So literally, the only wires I’ve connected are the ground and Vin, nothing else. Alth0ugh later I am going to use a few Pins for LEDs but I dont think that matters.

Oh, and I also changed that file like you said, it is now corresponding to pin 5.