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Note to reset it after the Serial Port is already established. Some error prints may be missed just after boot. but before you may have enabled the serial port.

Is the Serial input/output unresponsive, after you execute the play? Assuming your are entering “1” to play track001.mp3. If unresponsive then its locked up on an interrupt. Not sure what then.

Otherwise; Does the “d” command verify that it can read the SdCard and show the correct filenames expected?

Try the test files as provided by SFE. They are bells and symbols crashes. quick to test. These are nice as they are Immediately LOUD. I wonder if your track001 ramps up the volume. And you are not hearing the initial 1 second of the first refill() being a quite lead in. And subsequent refill()’s are not happening. if you enter 1 repeatidly the repeaded refill() will increament play 1s at a time. confirming this.

The latest version has a SineWave Test. “t” will toggle a clear sinewave tone on or off. Not needing a file. You should hear that. Also try “t” after you have started a file to play. If it is actually trying to play it, it will print an error message. If not then its not playing, then the file is over.

Are the files really mp3. Their may be an issue where it does not play files that are not mp3 but have the extension of filename.mp3. The code may not play it if it reads bad ID3 Tag info of mp3 files, if falsely finds it. (doubt this).

Assuming it is Italian Arduino BlueTooth. I do SEE D7 is a conflict between MP3-DCS and BT_RESET. Both you it as an output, so it should compile. And likely work. Where I would expect any actual playing of sound would cause the BT chip to reset. and you loose your serial data. but I would suspect it still actually play. Regardless of the BT.

I would bend D7 out when stacking, as not to seat in the header, then jumper D7 on the SFEMP3Shield to D5 and change the SFEMP3ShieldConfig.h #define MP3_XDCS from 7 to 5. This removes the BT_RESET issue.

Hope one of the above solves it.

Let me know which one. (if)