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The problem seems to be that the line while(digitalRead(MP3_DREQ)) in SFEMP3Shield::refill() is always true for some reason. Any idea how that could be?

I’ve checked the value of digitalRead(MP3_DREQ) in various places leading up to initialisation. It is zero up until vs_init() is called in SFEMP3Shield::begin() which implies there is not a hardware problem – at least not with that I/O port. SPI would also seem to be fine judging from my ability to read data from the SD card.

Could I have a chip select issue?

BTW, I also tried the FilePlayer example. Initialisation is fine and it lists the MP3 files correctly but then I see the same problems when trying to play a file.

I also get the same problems if I do not define USE_MP3_REFILL_MEANS.