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Basically same thing as SVN. Nice thing about the GIT HUB’s forking and cloning from GitHub, is it is just too darn easy with the buttons/links on the web page.

GitHub has a quaint GUI. but it hides a lot.  I recommend TortoiseGIT. If you don’t like command lines. (i don’t).

I clone all to a local repository directory and then create symbolic links to the ..\arduino\library\.. directory for each actual libraries directory. For windows you can use the little known “junction” command to make “hard-links” (same thing).

Basic steps;

  1. fork a repo from someone else on GitHub. This is basically cloning from their cloud to your space on their cloud.
  2. clone your repo locally.
  3. change it.
  4. commit changes.
  5. push changes, back to original/remote repo.
  6. Then from the GitHub page make a pull request back to the original fork. This is basically making and sending a Serial patch, back up to be merged back in.