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I’ve been reading through some of the old forum posts, trying to see if I can use EaryTransfer to expand my current project.

I have an Arduino Mega2560 that is capturing 1-wire temperature sensor data, as well as reading the status of my HVAC thermostat control lines (through a relay interface board). All of that gets logged to a MySQL database every 10 seconds. I also have two remote “display” arduinos, which receive the latest data set via EasyTransfer (both are on the same serial bus), and can then display a portion of that data. I’m only using that serial bus in one direction, though (TX from the master to the slaves).

I just added solar panels to my house, so I want to add power production/consumption (by measuring the AC current) to my system.

I found enough information on the current monitoring part to set that up on another Arduino for now. However, I want to be able to bring that data back to the main unit, and store it all together in the same database.

My thought was to make the new Arduino a third slave, and use the same serial bus in the opposite direction to send data from that third slave back to the master. I haven’t figure out, however, how to trigger it.
If I had the ability to send/receive/ignore different structures, I could have the master send out a “send me your data” structure, which the first two slaves would ignore. The third slave, however, would read it and respond back with the “Energy” data set. The third slave would ignore the “HVAC” data set, while the first two slaves would process that data and display it as they do now.