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There are several “getter’s” included in the library. Note several of them only work for certain file formats. Obvious, since not all contain wrappers that include everything. The entire library of code is document ed http://mpflaga.github.io/Sparkfun-MP3-Player-Shield-Arduino-Library/

I would recommend searching the web documentation for the following the search is in the upper right.

void SFEMP3Shield::getTrackInfo(uint8_t offset, char* infobuffer){

void SFEMP3Shield::trackArtist(char* infobuffer){

void SFEMP3Shield::trackTitle(char* infobuffer){

void SFEMP3Shield::trackAlbum(char* infobuffer){

void SFEMP3Shield::getAudioInfo() {

void SFEMP3Shield::getBitRateFromMP3File(char* fileName) {

int8_t SFEMP3Shield::getVUmeter() {

int8_t SFEMP3Shield::setVUmeter(int8_t enable) {

int16_t SFEMP3Shield::getVUlevel() {

Example: http://mpflaga.github.io/Sparkfun-MP3-Player-Shield-Arduino-Library/class_s_f_e_m_p3_shield.html#a6a4b776e45e151a7c330d91a9e88fb78

You may need to also do some direct file access and properities and some math to calculate totals. Note some file formats have variable bit rates. These may change on the fly.