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Hi Guys,

Thankyou ever so much for your help with this 🙂

I will check out the interrupt change as suggested when I get home tonight.

In the meantime I have just realised something that may or may not be the issue…..

If you look at the serial window that I copied and pasted I’ve just realised something. The code consistently plays track001.mp3 and although it stops the track in less than a second, it never resumes from the last played position and any command always plays the first track and never any other that are requested.

Looking at the serial window I pasted, it is actually parsing the command and acting on each character I type as an individual command rather than as a string i.e. it acts on “f” and gives error code 1 as it doesn’t wait for the remainder of the command (the file name) then each character until it gets to the numbers – which it doesn’t display in the serial window. It then resumes acting on “m”, “p” and “3”.

It looks to me as if the issue is more in relation to the code  not treating the commands as continuous strings rather than individual letters?

Sorry if I’m barking up the wrong tree and being dumb lol