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Hi Michael,

Firstly can I say thankyou to you for your patience and advice. I have read your reply and am a little more confused ….

I totally agree with your view that the code appears to be parsing the information I type rather than dealing with it as continuous string.

What I don’t understand is how I could have done anything wrong!

For testing purposes I am not using the second Arduino to send the commands, I am keeping it simple first and using the serial monitor screen. I don;t see how I could be using anything other than the standard USB serial monitor. I’m not running any other code at all.

I am using a UNO that is loaded with the fileplayer.ino completely unaltered and simply sending commands from the same PC that I used to upload the code, using the serial monitor window set at the required baud rate via USB. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

Incidentally, I tried using the 00003 command previously and I always type –

f track002.mp3

rather than 

track002.mp3 or “track002.mp3”

– when I have attempted to play a file using the whole file name. I did notice that you use upper case whereas I use lower case as per the files on the SD card. The code doesn’t require upper case file names and commands or something does it?

Once again I’m so sorry for taking up your time as I know how frustrating it can be to try and talk someone through code remotely when you can’t see exactly what it is they’re doing – hence why I try and be as detailed as I can in my description of the problems.


All the best,


Jay 🙂