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You could use a 3.3V Arduino. On my design’s I have a Mega2650 running 3.3V. I have used the 3.3V pro’s, also. The one watch point is that either the FTDI or ICSP programmer may go 5V, just need to set appropiately. And if the system is native 3.3V then the Shields 3.3V regulator can be shorted out, as its LDO would interfere.

I have accidentally powered all my boards that were supposed to be 3.3V only (systems) at 5V, and got no damage. From the brief exposure. Where as I suspect you may have had the IO at 5 and the VCC at 3.3V which would be more dramatic to the chip.

Where as I would expect basically nothing from the fried IO. not -1 or 15. While you wait. You may want to Oscilloscope or logic analyzer it. to see if the clocking is messed up.