My Eagle PCB Library

Posted in Eagle Parts, Software Libraries by Bill
13 Aug 2011

Like most real engineers and at-home hackers, I find myself in situations where no existing Eagle Library has the part I need, so I have to design an Eagle Part for the device. My library is starting to grow, so I figure it’s time to post it for anyone else that needs it. Most parts are tested, the few that aren’t say so in the description. Please drop me a note if a part is wrong or if the library came in handy for you.

Each link in the parts list point to the spec sheet for that part. Most parts are available at Digikey, as that’s where I buy everything.

Download: BillPorter.lbr

Parts include:

  • AD5290 SPI Compact +30 V / ±15 V 256-Position Digital Potentiometer in a 10-TFSOP, 10-MSOP package. Data Sheet.
  • FMB2222A NPN transistor pair for currents up to 500mA in a 6-SSOT, SuperSOTâ„¢-6 package. Data Sheet.
  • IF-D95T Photologic Detector with Totem-Pole Output. Fiber Optic Receiver with push-pull output. May also work with IF-D97 and IF-D98 receivers. Data Sheet.
  • IF-E91A Plastic Fiber Optic Infrared LED. Fiber Optic Transmitter. Should work with all IF-E* series. Data Sheet.
  • LM2842/LM2841 600mA/300mA up to 42V Input Switching Step-Down DC/DC Buck Regulator in Thin SOT-23. Configurable output. Data Sheet.
  • MIC4680 1A 200kHz SuperSwitcher DC/DC Buck Regulator in a SOIC-8 package. Fixed or adjustable output. Data Sheet.
  • TLC5916/TLC5917 8-Channel Constant-Current LED Sink Driver and Shift Register in one. Great for driving high current LEDs that would kill a 595 shift register. SOIC-16 package. Data Sheet.
  • WS2801 3-Channel Constant Current LED Driver with PWM Outputs in a SOP-14 package. Same one sold at Sparkfun and adafruit. Data Sheet.
  • DS3658 Quad Relay Driver with Clamp Diodes in a DIP package. Great for driving Relays off a microcontroller pin. No external diode required. Data Sheet.

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