SAGAR System Overview, Part 1

Posted in Projects, Tutorials by Bill
20 Apr 2010

My SAGAR project has gotten to a point where I would like to document the system design through a series of detailed posts.

First I’ll show the new interface, and talk about how it communicates with SAGAR.

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Build Your Own Li-Ion Battery Packs from Leftovers – Tutorial

Posted in Tutorials by Bill
19 Jan 2010

All right folks. The attached is my first attempt at writing a tutorial, so go easy. It goes over how I turned Li-Ion packs from obsolete equipment into usable packs for my SAGAR robot. For about $10 per pack, I built my own 14.4V 2.2Ah Li-ion pack, and in the attached pdf, I show you how I did it, so you can do it too.

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