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Several things.

1) IDE 1.5.2 requires SdFatBeta20130207.zip to solve your main problem. Where the current SdFatLib sdfatlib20121219.zip contained in the current release of SFEMP3Shield has the above known, fixed in the beta.

2) You say you installed the latest compiler. Do you mean IDE or avr-gcc. If avr-gcc then, please see my SdFat Issue #9 as it discusses actually confirming that SdFat works with 1.5.2, both with Arduino’s default avr-gcc 4.3.2 and the latest avr-gcc 4.7.x Where the later requires a fix to SdFat, that is pending the next release of SdFat. Alternatively/simpler you can comment out the offending line, for this issue, as it is cosmetic, if you are using avr-gcc 4.7.x. To avoid the problem with latest gcc.

//Serial.print(FreeRam(), DEC);

Either way Issue #9 documents that SFEMP3shield can work with 1.5.2, if SdFat is fixed.

I had been hesitant to update the SFEMP3Shield library with the beta, being a beta. Where as it appears to work fine for me.