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Just some info to maybe help. Actually my SeeedStudios music shield board is a v1.2, not 1.0 like previously posted and I am using Arduino 1.0.5 on windows 7 Home premium 64Bit.

All of the .053 patch files are in the root…. Still get error 5 or 6 on power on, and it still freezes.

Opening up a command prompt and typing k: (to go to my MicroSD card) and then dir /x shows everything on except for the .bat & .pl files being shown in 8.3 format.

VS_PLG~1.BAT   as opposed to   vs_plg_to_bin.bat
VS_PLG~1.PL   as opposed to   vs_plg_to_bin.pl

However it does not look like the FEMP3Shieldmainpage.h or the SFEMP3Shield.cpp files are calling for the Arduino to convert the the files, just for the arduino to reference the .053 files, so I assume that just having all of the .053 files in the root directory folder (k:/) along with the mp3 tracks (no sub folders) is all I need and that the .bat & .pl files can be deleted.

I’ve also tried to use the provided mp3 files from the github page. They lock up the Arduino as soon as they are completed playing.