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I’m doing much the same, but be warned, it’s a lot harder than it sounds. It has taken me the better part of a year just to get gas meter results back from meter to Arduino. I used wireless, XBee Series 2 and it’s a lot to get your head round, but they do work well and you can relatively easily set up what they call a Zigbee mesh. This allows you to put sleeping radio’s on doors and so on and they only transmit when needed. Very satisfying when it works – then can be applied to all sorts of measurements. Don’t forget memories, SD cards, real-time clocks. I dot digital temperature sensors around the house and the information soon tells you where the heat is going. The are big numbers of people doing the same thing. Maybe you would be better off looking at the Arduino forum – if you posted last year and still don’t have any replies, you have to wonder how active this forum is. Disappointing if you are starting out.

Good luck