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Your pulseLightPin is the same as the SD_SEL, for the SdCard’s Chip Select. Instead change pulseLightPin to A5.

I think you mean; MP3player.playTrack(1) (vs beginTrack). playTrack has a safe guard to be an ignore if a file is already playing.

The “If you get this error…” can only occur during the MP3Player.begin(). And that should only be once. I don’t see another instances. This was a work-a-round warning to make sure the sd.begin was done. It really simply indicates that the SdCard was found but was not started correctly.

So if you really get this after it starts playing and not at boot. It means the unit rebooted. There is no code reason for that. So there may be some hardware thing. likely miss wired. Not sure if your symptoms are accurately portrayed.

I suspect it play’s for a bit then the pulseLightPin = 9, messes with the SdCard. Then it memory crashes, reboots, but the SdCard is messed up and prints the above error.

Otherwise… is this a stock shield? which board and which shield.